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Starting your relationship with God.

The Bible tells us that we’ve all blown it—none of us are “good enough” to get into heaven on our own. (Romans 3:23)

Our sin separates us from God, and there’s nothing that we can do to bridge the gap between us and God.

But there’s good news.

Jesus Christ has made a way for us. His sacrificial death on a cross paid the price for our sin once and for all. The cross on which he died is what bridges the gap between us and God. His resurrection proves to us that he is who he said was and that he can do what he said he could do. Your faith and trust in him is the only thing that restores your relationship with God.

Making this decision begins your new life as a follower of Jesus Christ, and we want to help you grow in your faith. We want to connect with you, celebrate with you, and encourage you. If today is the day you want to begin your relationship with Jesus or if you’ve recently placed your faith in Him or would like to know more, we would love to hear from you.


Telling others about your relationship with God.

Baptism is going public with your faith. It’s a chance for you to share your decision to place your faith and trust in Jesus Christ with your family, friends, and church family – and it gives them the opportunity to celebrate with you.

Every person who makes the decision to believe in Christ for salvation should be baptized. The only requirement for baptism is belief in Christ. Baptism doesn’t save you; only your faith in Christ does. It’s an outward sign of an inward decision.

The week before our baptism services we offer a short baptism class after our Sunday services. This class gives you more information and the opportunity to ask any questions. But if you do have questions or you are ready to sign up, don’t wait until our next class to contact us.

Interested in baptism? Sign up here.


Taking ownership in His church.

So what is membership? Membership is partnership! It means we are committed to working together to carry out the vision and mission of the church. It means we partner with each other to grow together in our faith, serve together, and hold each other accountable in our faith.

Why does it matter? Because you need a church family. You need a place to belong. That’s what it means to be the body of Christ and do life together.

Maybe you’ve been coming to our services for a while, or maybe you have only been a few times, but you know that you have found a place to call home. We want you to get connected and partner with us. Your first step is to attend our membership class. Attending the class doesn’t obligate you to become a member, but it is required for membership. And you’ll get the chance to directly ask your campus pastor any questions you have.

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