Nursery Coordinator


The Nursery Coordinator is responsible for the care and supervision of children in our nursery ranging in age from infants to one year olds. Providing excellence in all areas for the infants and families who attend our campus. The Coordinator is responsible for training, scheduling and recruiting volunteers. The Nursery Coordinator will report to the Campus Pastor and will support the Children’s Ministry Director.

Some of the duties for the position include, but are not limited to:

setup on sunday mornings

  • Oversee the setting up of the Nursery area 
  • Oversee up-keep and cleanliness of nursery toys, chairs, sleeping cribs, and changing tables.

duties include:

  • Provide a safe and caring environment
  • Organize and supervise play and reading activities
  • Be the liaison with parents on needs of the infants and activities 
  • Maintain the infants attendance in churchteams
  • Keep a written log of diaper changes and feedings to present to parents
  • Make name tags for each infant and one for the parent to have when they pick up the infant. They must match.
  • Keep a list of all infant parent contact information
  • Recruit and schedule volunteers
  • Communicate supply needs to the Children’s Ministry Director
  • Ensure excellence in all areas
  • Other duties as requested by the Campus Pastor or the Children’s Ministry Director 


  • Model and support church’s vision and Core Values
  • Keep Campus Pastor and staff informed of projects and challenges
  • Protect the unity of the church and pray for leaders
  • Keep reputation and relationships in harmony with God’s Word
  • Commitment to family relations and healthy pace of life
  • Assisting the Campus Pastor in other duties as needed or assigned
  • Attend staff meetings and functions on time and ready to fully participate  
  • Prepare and manage the approved budget and expenses for the ministry
  • Honor God with my resources, by giving tithes and offerings

Work Hours

On Sunday morning the Nursery Coordinator should arrive by 9:00 am.  The Coordinator should stay until the last child is picked up from the nursery, and after cleanup, and prep work to make the room ready for the next Sunday.

On Sunday mornings, the Coordinator will be a team player, helping and assisting in a variety of ways, as needs arise.  This is a part time Assistant level position.  The average work week should encompass 4-5 hours per week.  Variance to this schedule needs to be approved by the Campus Pastor.  


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