Music Director


Music is a powerful medium to express worship, share an idea or concept or to draw out an emotion or feeling that is inside of the listener.  The objective for any Music Director at Atlee Church is to consistently find ways to use music and songs to help reinforce the message we deliver on Sunday mornings, while also giving a voice to help our music programs in our Children’s Ministry and Student Ministry.

The Music Director will provide vision and leadership to a team of volunteers, never letting them forget why they do what they do, and why it matters to God.

Some of the duties for the position include, but are not limited to:

Team Leader

  • Develop and implement event scheduling with the Scottsville staff
  • Research songs, develop song sets, prepare charts / lyrics sheets for music selected
  • Maintain all music equipment for the campus, overseeing repairs or replacements as needed
  • Plan, prepare and work within a budget for the music needs of the campus
  • Provide music support for special events at the campus as needed
  • Schedule music volunteers to meet the needs of the campus, including rehearsals, to fulfill the requirements of each event
  • Encourage creativity of volunteers, ever seeking opportunities for original music
  • Oversee Sunday morning stage setup
  • Other duties as requested by the Scottsville Campus Pastor

Team Builder

  • Provide spiritual leadership by investing in the spiritual growth of the volunteers and providing care to the team members
  • Continuously recruit and develop the skills of volunteers to fulfill the music needs of the campus while ensuring an atmosphere of impartiality
  • Provide opportunities where volunteers can develop leadership skills and provide leadership
  • Plan team events and meetings outside of the Sunday service to build community and unity
  • Help with leadership and development of student musicians and vocalists

Team Player

Be an integral part of the process that flows between Atlee Central staff and the campus by;

  • Working with the Central Producer, submitting songs and ideas for use in services
  • Attend Creative Planning meetings and Series Planning meetings when invited, and showing up with creative ideas and suggestions for creative programming for the series / services.
  • Keep Planning Center up to date with music selections
  • Work closely with the Technical Director to ensure practice and event stage setups are planned and executed properly
  • Other duties as requested by the Scottsville Campus Pastor


  • Model and support church’s vision and core values
  • Keep staff informed of projects and challenges
  • Attend staff meetings and functions
  • Protect the unity of church and pray for church leaders
  • Keep reputation and relationships in harmony with God’s Word
  • Commitment to family relations and healthy pace of life
  • Honor God with my resources, by giving tithes and offerings

Work Hours

The work hours are Sunday 6:45am – 1:00pm.  A mid-week rehearsal from 6:00 - 9:00 pm, (day to be determined with Campus Pastor)  4-5 hours a week for to prepare for rehearsals and Sunday morning. Other hours as needed to recruit, grow, and care for the music team as approved by the Campus Pastor. Expected weekly hours will total between 16-20 hours per week.

Sunday mornings the Music Director should arrive 15 minutes before the first volunteer is expected to arrive

This is a part time Director level position.  The average workweek should encompass no more than 20 hours per week.  As an employee of Atlee Community Church, I have read the above job description and I am in complete agreement with it.


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