Campus Pastor

CAMPUS: Mechanicsville Campus

LEVEL: Full-time

REPORTS TO: Lead Pastor


The Campus Pastor serves as the primary leader and “the face with the place” at their assigned campus. The Campus Pastor must champion the mission, vision and purpose of Atlee Church, embody the core values of the church, and be passionately committed to connecting people to God and one another, along with managing the systems and structure to nurture and encourage existing members and new growth.

employment requirements:

  • Love God, have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, have been baptized as a new believer, and model a mature spiritual life.

  • Desire to see people come to know, and to be fully devoted followers of, Jesus Christ.

  • Be a member of Atlee Church and commit to weekly worship at, and tithing to, Atlee Church.  

  • Understand, champion, and be able to clearly and passionately communicate the mission, vision, purpose and core values of Atlee Church.

  • Seek to grow continually by participation in monthly All Staff meetings, campus meetings and functions. Continue education in the ministry field by attending classes and conferences

skills & talents needed:

  • LEADERSHIP: The church is, by design, an organization of volunteers. Every staff member must excel in management of self, teams, and others.

  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: The church is a collection of people; therefore, interpersonal and listening skills are necessary for every staff member.

  • COMPUTER PROFICIENCY: Must be comfortable working with computers and proficient with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), Gmail, and Google Drive.

  • COMMUNICATION:  Professional written and verbal communication skills required; Oral communication skills are essential - must be comfortable and articulate speaking to crowd.

  • DISCERNMENT: Must be able to discern needs and respond appropriately, sensitively and proactively.

  • SELF-STARTER: Must be a catalytic leader and self-starter who not only gets things done, but makes things happen.

  • PASTORAL CARE: Must be equipped to provide care in a wide variety of circumstances, and wisdom to make appropriate referrals.

job responsibilities:


    • First one in, last one out at your campus

    • Ensure that all resources are on hand (programs, response cards, handouts, etc.)

    • Ensure that all teams are equipped to execute their ministries

    • Participate in Tech Run; rehearse all verbal elements and transitions.

    • Host the service, connect with people in the lobby before and after service

  • COACHING:  Recruit, train, manage, care for, and appreciate volunteers and teams.  

  • MAINTAIN AND MANAGE SYSTEMS AND PROCESSES: These systems, at a minimum, include:

    • Worship (band, technical teams)

    • First Impressions (guest services teams)

    • Atlee Kids (birth-5th grades)

    • Atlee Students (6th-12th grades)

    • Community Awareness (what’s going on in the community and how can your campus get involved/serve)

    • Care (prayer, care and service to those in need)

    • Small Groups & Volunteers

    • Local Missions

    • Facility & grounds maintenance (if campus is owned/leased)

    • Landlord relationship (if mobile)

  • BUDGET: Establish annual ministry goals for the Campus.  Implement a plan to meet the goals.

  • CONNECTION: Be involved in the community; “go get ‘em” by interacting authentically in the community.

    • Get to know people

    • Be a “safe place” for people to ask spiritual questions on their terms.  

    • Be alert to recognize potential leaders as well as potential members of ministry teams and small groups.

  • MANAGEMENT: Meet with staff and leaders regularly to cascade communications, check on growth in their ministry and leadership abilities, and to mentor and check on their personal and spiritual health.

  • PHYSICAL LOCATIONS: Pay attention to the overall appearance and condition of the campus facilities and equipment.  First impressions are lasting; keep things attractive and welcoming.

hours, salary & benefits:

  • Requires 45 hours/week Sun-Thu. Some nights and weekends may be required. Easter and Christmas Eve are required.

  • Vacation, healthcare benefits and a 403B retirement plan are available after 90 days of employment. Atlee Church will contribute to 403B after 5 years of full time service.

Office Hours:

The office hours at the campus are Monday - Thursday, 8:30am - 5:30pm and Sundays 6:30am and stay until all duties have been fulfilled. The Campus Pastor is expected to be in the office during these hours, unless duties pertaining to the job make it necessary to shift his/her hours. Communicating your anticipated change in schedule is expected, so that your supervisor and the campus staff are informed of your whereabouts.

This is a Full-Time Administrative level position. The average work week should encompass 45 hours per week as the norm. Variances to this schedule need to be approved by the Lead Pastor.


If you are interested in any of our positions, take some time to review our website and learn a bit about Atlee Church, then complete the following forms, starting with the application.