Trustee Candidates

Member gatherings

March 29, Mechanicsville, 6pm
March 30, Scottsville, 7pm

Candidates: Jason Breneman  |  Janice Moses  |  Lisa Weinstein

At our upcoming member gatherings, the Spiritual Management Team (SMT) will be presenting three individuals for approval to serve as trustees. Their bios and pictures are below. This position requires approval by a two-thirds vote of the members present. The trustees of Atlee are empowered to hold legal title to the real and personal property of Atlee Church.

If you are aware of any reason that any of these individuals should not serve in this role, you are encouraged to go to that person first and discuss your concerns with them. If you have further concerns after talking with them, you are encouraged to then talk with a member of the SMT prior to the night of the member gathering. This is in keeping with Biblical principles (Matthew 18), and with the church’s Structure of Ministry.

The leadership continues to ask for your prayers and support as we seek to follow God’s direction for the continued ministry of Atlee Church.

Jason Breneman

trustees-jasonI was born at MCV and my parents were from Chesterfield, but I grew up all over, as my father joined the Marines when I was about two. I grew up in the church and made a profession of faith when I was about seven. While in college, I met my wife, Annie, at the church we both attended in Georgia. I was accepted to law school at the University of Richmond in 2006. Annie and I were married that summer and moved to Hanover county that fall. Although Atlee was not much like the churches we grew up in, we were attracted to the willingness to meet the unchurched where they were, and to work hard to break down any barriers that might stand in the way between the unreached and a personal and community relationship with Christ. We found ourselves involved in several different ministries at Atlee, and when our children came along, we really felt at home.

After graduating I took a position with a new firm in Savannah because, on paper, it looked like the best opportunity for our family. After a little over a year with that firm, Annie and I realized together that we were not in the right place for our family – both physically and spiritually. In early 2011 we began looking for any excuse to get back up to Richmond. I was looking for full time work, but instead of job offers, I began to pick up clients. Those clients grew into Breneman + Braggs, P.C. and our office in Ashland, where my practice is based today. While running my own law practice is probably the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, I am honored and thankful that God seems to be using my profession as a ministry opportunity. I get to do God’s work for people every day and call it a job, and for that I am constantly grateful.

The church is the place where God’s influence on my life is most evident. It is impossible to separate my career, family, and social life from my involvement with the church – it’s like the stake that props up my tomato plant. And if it can be said that I’m bearing any fruit, it is only because we’ve worked very hard to stay plugged in and open to the potential of God’s blessings. I have a heart for the people who Atlee exists to serve, and I would be honored, humbled, and privileged to offer what I have in Atlee’s service.

Janice Moses

trustees-janiceMy early years: I barely graduated from Varina High School in 1968, and they were glad to see me go.  Since 1970 I have been working for PwC, an accounting firm, where I work in a support role.

In the late 90s, I was living in Aylett.  Attending church on a regular basis had not been in my DNA since childhood.  I began attending Atlee Community Church in 1998 and was baptized at the Shady Grove YMCA on March 28, 1999. The commute to work in Richmond, to church at Atlee High School and to participate in other church activities was difficult.  I was driving down 360 one Friday night having a major pity party about being alone and living so far away from everybody.  I stopped at the light at routes 30 and 360.  Right there I realized I was never alone – not as long as God was with me.  I would never even have had that thought if I had not started attending Atlee.  For my 50th birthday I gave myself the gift of a new home in Mechanicsville to be closer to work and church.  The first small group I attended was Making Peace with Your Past.  Spending that time with the women of Atlee made a monumental change in my understanding.  I had no idea I wasn’t the only one that didn’t have a perfect life and hadn’t made perfect decisions.  What a relief to discover I was normal and there was grace!  I took the tithe challenge sometime prior to 2000 after hearing one Sunday that God said for us to test Him on this.  And wow was he right about that!  Then there was the Sunday I heard that maybe it was time for me to “push away from the table” where I was being served and start serving others.  God obviously has a sense of humor.  He knows I’m not overly enthusiastic about children, so He decided I  would volunteer in the children’s ministry.  And here I am.  Following where He leads.  What an adventure!

Lisa Weinstein

trustees-lisaI was born and raised in Charlottesville, where I attended church regularly. I feel very lucky to have always known God and that Jesus is my Savior.

After graduating high school in 1988 and starting college that fall, I longed to work instead of attending college. So, I began my career in banking. Late 1990 I found myself moving to Richmond to start a life here. After 3 ½ years of working at the bank, I transitioned to Virginia Credit Union where I still work today. Although I began college right after high school, working and building my career seemed more important at the time. In fact, it would take me over 20 years to return to college and achieve my goal of completing my education. In 2012, I graduated from the University of Richmond.

I am married to Ray Weinstein and we have two children, Ryan age 16 and Carlyn age 8. We began attending Atlee Community Church in 2003. Soon after I began volunteering at the resource center where I still volunteer today. I have encountered many obstacles in my life where my faith was tested, and each time God picked me up and carried me until I could walk again on my own. God has taught me to endure turbulent times because He is always by my side.