Technical Director


The Technical Director is responsible for all aspects of sound, media and video presentations for the Mechanicsville Campus. The Director will work closely with the Visual Storyteller to create environments that are appropriate for our Sunday morning event. They will also oversee our Children and Student Ministry technical needs.


– Oversee operation of technical needs of campus

– Oversee and manage audio production of live events
– Hang and focus the lighting system for live events

– Assemble any applicable scenic elements based on designs received from Visual Storyteller

– Coordinate and provide training for team of volunteers to operate technical aspects of the campus

– Maintain all technical equipment for the campus, providing repairs or replacements as needed

– Print weekly program orders and message notes for the tech volunteers

– On Sunday Mornings, coordinate with the Online Campus Pastor to ensure proper delivery of file or stream, or appropriate backup solution

– As needed, propose new solutions to problems that appear at the campus

– Provide technical support to other events at the campus as needed

Full Time Position with benefits
Schedule: Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays 9am to 5pm; Thursdays 1pm to 9pm; Sundays 7am to 12pm, other hours as needed
Hours: 40-45 hours per week
Location: Mechanicsville Campus


If you are interested in this position, take some time to review our website and learn a bit about Atlee Community Church. Then complete the following forms, and send them to