Student Ministry Director


The Student Ministry Director is responsible for creating and maintaining a healthy and effective ministry environment that will attract and lead students into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. The Director will do this by creating and inspiring a team of leaders, partnering with parents, and prayerfully following where God is leading in the process.
In keeping with Atlee’s vision to “reach seekers, and equip believers to love God, love others, and serve the world” the student ministry will strive to reflect the same values.  The Director will be ever conscious that there are those students that are far from God that need to be reached.  At the same time, the Director must invest in those that are already believers so they can be equipped to reach those students far from God, and invite them in.  The Director will also provide service opportunities for the students, so that every student has an opportunity to change and invest in the community around them.
The Student Ministry Director should be ever building relationships with students, so that students can be ever building their relationship with God.    
Some of the duties for the position include, but are not limited to:

Reaching Seekers

Encouraging students to invite their friends to RISE
Building relationships with new attendees at RISE
Networking with schools and other student organizations to be involved with student activities.
Planning events where seekers are comfortable and encouraged to attend
Corresponding with students during the week
Develop a communication stream so that information is collected on every person that attends RISE

Equipping Believers

Plan weekly events that take students deeper into their relationship with God
Teach and encourage students to have conversations with other students about God
Provide small group environments where both believers and seekers can grow in their faith
Be a mentor to students and model a Christ-like lifestyle for them
Be a safe person for students to share their most confidential matters
Teach students how to resolve conflicts in a biblical manner
Teach students the truth found in God’s word

Other duties that will help develop students

Plan and prepare retreat events (summer camp, winter retreat, lock-ins, etc) that will attract, encourage and inspire students
Continually build a team of leaders for small groups
Continually build a team of leaders to help with student events
Continually build relationships with parents and keep them involved and informed
Stay up to date on current trends and practices by reading, attending conferences, and networking with other leaders in student ministry
Keep yourself spiritually and physically fit for ministry

Staff relations, coordination/cooperation with other leaders, personal life:

Model and support church’s vision and core values.
Keep staff informed of projects and challenges.
Attend staff meetings and functions.
Provide assistance to pastors as needed.
Protect the unity of the church and pray for the church leaders.
Keep reputation and relationships in harmony with God’s Word.
Commitment to family relations and healthy pace of life.

Office Hours

The office hours are Monday – Thursday, 9am – 5pm. Hours may be adjusted to accommodate events and plans during the week, as approved by the Campus Pastor.  
On Sunday morning the Student Ministry Director should arrive by 7:45 am. A typical Sunday schedule is 7:45 am. – 12:00 noon, and 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm. On Sunday mornings, the Director will be a team player, helping and assisting in a variety of ways, as needs arise. The Director should also use Sunday morning to look for new students, and be available to answer questions from students and/or parents.
This is a full time Director level position. The average work week should encompass 40-50 hours per week as the norm.  Variances to this schedule need to be approved by the Campus Pastor.


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