Music Director


The Music Director is responsible for all aspects of music selection and implementation for the Mechanicsville Campus. The Director will work closely with the Campus Pastor and Technical director to create environments that are appropriate for event experiences. They will also oversee / assist our Children’s Ministry and Rise Student Ministry music selections as needed. The Music Director will provide vision and leadership to a team of volunteers, never letting them forget why they do what they do, and why it matters to God.


Develop and preserve event scheduling with Central and Mechanicsville staff.
Research songs, develop song sets, prepare charts / lyrics sheets for each event held.
Maintain all music equipment for the campus, overseeing repairs or replacements as needed.
Plan, prepare and work within a budget for the music needs of the campus.
Provide music support for special events at the campus as needed.
Schedule music volunteers to meet the needs of the campus, including practices to fulfill the requirements of each event.
Encourage creativity of volunteers, ever seeking opportunities for original music.
Other duties may be necessary from time to time.


Provide spiritual leadership by investing in the spiritual growth of the volunteers and providing care to the team members.
Continuously recruit and develop the skills of volunteers to fulfill the music needs of the campus while ensuring an atmosphere of impartiality.
Provide opportunities where volunteers can develop leadership skills and provide leadership.
Plan team events and meetings outside of the Sunday service to build community and unity.


Be an integral part of the process that flows between Atlee Central staff and the campus by;
Meeting with the Lead Pastor to assist with series and service development.
Support and convey the lead pastor’s vision for services and series to the Campus Pastors weekly.
Attend weekly programming meetings, participating in the creativity, development and post evaluation of events and services with the programming team.
Keep Planning Center up to date with music selections.
Work closely with the Technical Director to ensure practice and event stage setups are planned and executed properly.
Other duties as requested by the Mechanicsville Campus Pastor.

Full-time Position
Schedule: Monday – Wednesday, 9am – 5pm, Thursday 1pm – 9pm, Sunday 6:30am – 12pm
Hours: 40-50 hours per week
Location: Mechanicsville Campus


If you are interested in this position, take some time to review our website and learn a bit about Atlee Church. Then complete the following forms, and send them to