Director of Next Steps


To provide encouragement, leadership and direction to those that are wanting to take a next step in their faith journey.  They will work with the Campus Pastor to create an outline an assimilation process that will take an attender to a fully devoted follower of Christ.

Responsibilities will also include developing, shepherding and mentoring volunteer leaders, and volunteer teams.  

The Director of Next Steps will also assist those in our community with benevolence in accordance with the church’s benevolence policies outlined by the Spiritual Management Team.

Some of the duties for the position include, but are not limited to:

Extension Ministries – work with individuals and leaders to provide opportunities for those in the church to reach beyond themselves.  This includes being an overseer for mission trips, community events and work projects.

Serving Opportunities – develop, lead and maintain serving teams within the church.  This includes the teams that comprise our First Impressions Team, and other volunteer teams at the campus.

Pastoral Care – have a caring heart and a listening ear to help those that seek advice, affirmation and spiritual direction from the church.  

Creative Thinking – be ever thinking, planning and implementing new ideas and ways for people to connect to their next step.

Relationship Building – always be developing and investing in relationships with those that attend Atlee, those in the community, and area businesses, as well as those that work with other non-profits.

Team Player – work closely with the Campus Pastor and other employees of the campus to achieve overall goals and objectives for the campus.

Staff Relations
Model and support church’s vision and core values
Keep staff informed of projects and challenges
Attend staff meetings and functions
Provide assistance to pastors as needed
Protect the unity of the church and pray for church leaders
Keep reputation and relationships in harmony with God’s Word
Commitment to family relations and a healthy pace of life
Honor God with my resources, by giving tithes and offerings

Establish ministry goals
Implement a plan to meet the goals
Continue education in ministry field
Attend conferences and classes

Establish Ministry Budget
Submit an annual budget to the Campus Pastor for ministry area
Maintain expenses within the approved budget

Other Pastoral Duties:

Participate in administrative functions, counseling, making referrals, hospital visits, and occasional teaching and / or speaking at the weekend services.
Other duties as may be assigned by the Campus Pastor.

Office hours:

The church office is open Monday – Thursday, 9am – 5pm.  The Director of Next Steps is expected to be available during these hours.  
The need to stay for late appointments, meetings and team functions will sometimes require a shift in schedule.  This should be discussed with the Campus Pastor when needed.
Sundays – The Director of Next Steps should arrive at 7:00 am and stay until all duties have been fulfilled.
The average work week should encompass 40 – 45 hours as the norm.  


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