Administrative Assistant

Part Time – Mechanicsville Campus


The objective of this position is two-fold.  One is to ensure that people who contact our campus by phone or in person, are greeted with a friendly and efficient person that can assist them with their inquiry.  Often, this person will be the first impression that a guest may have of our church, as well as a Christian example.

The other is to provide assistance to the campus in regards to the daily needs of the staff, and general office maintenance.  By being a team player and a good organizer, the administrative assistant becomes an invaluable asset to the campus and staff.

Some of the duties for the position include, but are not limited to:

General office:

  • Answering the telephone.  The greeting “It’s a great day at Atlee Community Church, this is ____, how may I help you?” is a great way to make the caller feel welcome.
  • Greeting visitors in person.  With a warm and friendly smile, and a willingness to help.  Those that visit our campus will feel safe and welcome.
  • Proficient with the office equipment.  Knowing how to operate the copier, fax machine, Apple and PC computers, and phone system, and other equipment.
  • Keeping office supplies ordered and in stock.  Making sure the campus staff have the tools they need to do their jobs, by maintaining inventory and the ordering of supplies for the campus within the given budget.
  • Document inventory.  This includes printed material for things like orientation class, membership class, baptism brochures, and other printed documents.
  • Printing programs. Printing and organizing programs weekly for Mechanicsville and other campuses as assigned.
  • Communication and Social Media.  Sending email, and group correspondence to the community as directed by the Campus Pastor,  keeps the church informed of what’s happening.  The Administrative Assistant will also update the Facebook and Twitter accounts for the campus as another way to keep the community informed.
  • Work area.  The Administrative Assistant’s work area is to be kept neat and orderly, and at the end of each day, the desk should be cleared of paperwork.
  • Confidentiality.  The Administrative Assistant will be working with member and guests records. This information is highly confidential and must be protected.  Caution must be taken to not leave this information in plain sight of other employees or guests at our campus.  Confidentiality must be exercised in verbal communication as well.  You cannot always share what you know.  If there is doubt, please seek the advice of your Campus Pastor.

Assistance to the campus staff includes:

  • Taking phone messages
  • Making copies
  • General mailings
  • Helping with projects
  • Prayer requests
  • Maintaining database
  • Keeping records up to date, and forwarding following items to Central Ministries for record keeping:
      1. Baptisms – A list of those that attended baptism class, and those who are baptized at a baptism service.
      2. Membership – A list of those who attended a membership class, as well as completed membership covenants.
      3. Orientation Class – a list of those who attended an Orientation Class
      4. Response Cards – gather data as instructed by the Campus Pastor, and submit card to Central Ministries for record keeping.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Campus Pastor

Office Hours

The office hours are Monday – Thursday, 9am – 5pm. 

This is a part time, hourly position.  The average work week should encompass   28 – 32 hours per week as the norm.  



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