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Tech 2
The Tech 2 will work primarily with our broadcast and production flow on Sunday mornings. He/She will provide oversight to our online campus platform, our broadcast delivery to other campuses, and our video archival process. The Tech 2 should possess basic to intermediate computer skills, a working knowledge of basic IT Networks, intermediate knowledge of live video, lighting and sound as it pertains to broadcast. They will also assist in overseeing technical needs for our Children’s Ministry and Student Ministry. As a technical team assistant leader, the Tech 2 will help provide vision and leadership to a team of volunteers, never letting them forget why they do what they do, and why it matters to God. Some of the duties for the position include, but are not limited to: team leader
• Lead volunteers in the broadcast and production room to insure a smooth delivery of our broadcast to other campuses as well as the online platform. • Use computer and technical skills to maintain podcast and archives of the services • Continually seeking improvements in the process, ensuring we have the best solutions to broadcast delivery possible • Schedule for the positions that involve the broadcasts room, at the direction of the Technical Director, to ensure there is coverage for each event. • At the direction of the Technical Director, the Tech 2 will help oversee operation of technical needs of the campus • Identify and propose solutions to technical problems that appear at the campus • Provide technical support for special events at the campus as needed team builder
• Continuously assist in recruitment and training a team of volunteers to fulfill the technical needs of the campus • Help in planning team events and meetings outside of the Sunday service to build community and unity • Assist the Technical Director in providing physical and spiritual care for members of the Technical Team team player
• Assist the Technical Director with hanging, focusing and programming lights at the campus as needed. • Assisting the Technical Director with assembling any applicable scenic elements based on design received from the Visual Media Director • Learn all aspects of the technical needs (ie: sound, lighting, design, broadcast, video) and have a basic understanding and operational level of each area • Other duties as requested by the Mechanicsville Campus Pastor STAFF RELATIONS, COORDINATION/COOPERATION WITH OTHER LEADERS, PERSONAL LIFE
• Model and support church’s vision and core values • Keep staff informed of projects and challenges • Attend staff meetings and functions • Provide assistance to pastors as needed • Protect the unity of church and pray for church leaders • Keep reputation and relationships in harmony with God’s Word • Commitment to family relations and healthy pace of life • Honor God with my resources, by giving tithes and offerings office hours
The office hours are Monday - Wednesday 9am – 5pm. Thursdays 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm. Sundays 6:30 am - 12 noon, or when all work is completed. Please check out with the Technical Director before leaving. Sunday morning the Tech 2 should arrive 15 minutes before the first volunteer is expected to arrive. A typical Sunday schedule is 6:30 am. – 12:00 noon. However, these hours on Sunday, and during the week may need to be adjusted as the situation calls for on any given day, and need to be approved by the Campus Pastor. This is a Full-Time Director level position. The average work week should encompass 40-45 hours per week as the norm. Variances to this schedule need to be approved by the Campus Pastor. application
If you are interested in any of our positions, take some time to review our website and learn a bit about Atlee Church. Then complete the following forms, and send them to jobs@atleechurch.org.
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